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Best Pod Mod Vapes 2018- Simple, Compact Vape Devices

The pod mods are normally made in a such a way that they can clean quick and also easy to use them now and then. They are designed in a way that they can contain empty pods which van be filled for use. most of the devices have seen to have some improvement which will bring out something you may need in common. When you have the chance to get all this, then you can be well connected as you from smoking. The following shows the list of some devices which you are not likely to miss.

  1. Von Erl

It is the appreciated European pod style that comes with the extensive array of the flavors.  The pods normally come with different concentrations of nicotine and have the ability to stay for long time. It is also easy for any person to usethus, you can have a plan to get it and use it in the way you may have planned on the same.

  1. Aspire Gusto Mini

It is quite good if you can carry some of the flavor which you may greatly admire. It is normally powered by the built battery which can allow the mouth to lung. It is normallyavailable in different colors you may imagine of. You will not have to miss getting it if you are in need of what can satisfy you in one way or the other. This will also succeed to aid you in any manner you may prefer to work well with time. Learn more.

  1. Twelve Juno

It is the type of the pod system which resembles the JUUL. It features a buttery which has 380mAh, it contains the gold type of plates which can connect it to the pod. They are normally filled with the salts made of nicotine, this will later give what it takes to meet the standards you may need. you can plan to be using it if you have your ow good interested on the same as you buy it.

  1. Sigelei Fuchai

It is the V3 which looks quite portable type of the pod. It can be available in the four vibrant types of the colors and it can have some modern design. The buttery is also rates at 400mAh which is also charged on the regular basis. It is also formed of the LED indicator, then you cannot miss to have the gold indicators which you may need. These ones are normally delivered in terms of the good flavor that can show a lot you may need.

  1. Envii Fitt

It looks quite interesting, in terms of design. It can almost look like the tiny penguin which can deliver the greatest vapor. This type of device can be powered by the internal buttery having the 650mAh. The pod access door is normally magnetic, hence can secure you at any time.

These pods are able to hold the capacity in terms of ml that is 32ml and it normally comes in the concentration of the nicotine only. More details in site:

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A list of top pod mods and pod vapes

The various laws around the world are well appreciated, this is an uncertain moment for enthusiastic vaping devices. Several manufacturers have responded to the pod mods – all in an e-cigarette that attempts to combine ease of use of a cig-alike and lasting experiences.

To find the right pod-mod for you, this article will aim at giving you a list of the best pod-mod

V2 Vertx

One of the most well-known brands on the market, in the cig-alike market, this is one of the most powerful models V2 Vertx. This AIO Vape is available in two versions; Vertx Plus has a touch screen that allows users to adjust the force while the vanilla version operates at aconstant voltage. Both models have 420 mAh batteries and use cartridges with a thickness of 650 puffs (not a scientific measure). Both Vertx models can be used with blank pods to allow users to use their e-liquids of their choice. The pods are refillable up to 20 times.

Apollo Brez

Apollo Brez (pronounced “breeze”) is a pod-mod that was created by the old American vaping companies. In addition to the title “Straight Outta Snapchat!”, Apollo Brez offers a 320 mAh battery and a Micro-USB charge. This AIO Vape is a partially closed system with a 1.5 ml cartridge filled with the chosen e-liquid, and also the most popular herbs Apollo pre-filled cartridges.

Cync of Vape Forward

Cync is a range of pod-mod product owned by Vape Forward, known for Vapor Flask line of box mods. In addition to the standard starter kit, the company offers three standard battery and microphone. The first two cig-alike products and while it laterlook like a shrunken box mod. Cync AIO vaping uses electronic fluids filled with 1.5 and 2.5-milliliter pods of many popular companies.

Myvapors Myjet by Wismec

Myjapory Myjet is a sub-mod that attracts enthusiastic vapers while retaining the same uses for newcomers. The fully charged charger (PCC) works with the 18,650 battery that is most enthusiast vapers. Myjet uses 1.2-milliliter e-liquid cartridges, but can also be empty containers that allow vapers to use the selected combination of e-Liquids.

Von Erl My.

Von erl my is a rectangular Austrian pod-mod. Extraneous punctuation aside, this is a simple and easy to use AIO design. The company offers four flavors available at three levels of nicotine. The battery capacity is 350 mAh.

In the pod-mod field, the Juul was an early entrant, hit the market before most vapers began to panic with the FDA and the TPD. It is a small rectangular device that uses 0.7 ml of a five percent nicotine weight. Also, they have a high nicotine content; the company claims that Juul, which uses a nicotine-free nicotine base, helps to provide a satisfying herb.


In most cases, the pod-mod vaping devices are more ornate versions of cigarette devices. These AIO wheels are equipped with a battery and a cartridge. Remove the cartridge onto a battery, and then you are set. These devices have different functions, different partners of electronic fluids and various factors that help to distinguish them.


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Why Should You Have A Varied Selection Of E-Juice? Why The Best E-Juice Flavors Should Be Used?

Buying the best e-juice is something which thousands of smokers love. For most people, they have given up on the traditional cigarettes and moved onto the electronic kind. With these, you have the ability to get new flavors rather than the standard smoky taste and choosing new e-juice can excite a lot of smoker. However, there are many who believe having a wide or varied selection of e-juice is a waste of time and energy, is it? Should you have a selection of e-juice flavors or should you just stick to the same variety?

The Same Flavors Can Get Boring

You are used to the same nicotine inspired smoking but is that flavor really what you like? Sometimes, it can be off-putting and not as enjoyable either which means it’s time to consider trying something new. The same flavors over and over again will get boring; maybe not today or tomorrow but within a short period of time, it will become tiresome. If you like to smoke but get bored of the flavors you get from the electronic cigarette then it might mean you stop altogether. That is why finding new e-juice flavors might be the ideal solution. This will maybe prevent things from getting boring.

Variety Is Nice

To be honest, having a choice, a selection or variety is great because it means there is always something new to try. Who really wants to stay with the same boring routine all the time? As said above, it’s boring and not always that appealing. However, by looking for the best e-juice flavors and adding more to your smoking, there is a whole new world out there. It might be something new smokers want to try and it can be very simple indeed. Finding newer flavors are simple enough and you really do have a lot of options to consider.

Why Not Broaden Your Horizons?

For most smokers, they haven’t really strayed too far from the traditional flavorings when they smoke and it can sometimes get a little old. However, why not broaden your horizons? You could look at adding more flavors to your palette and it’s not that hard to find the best e-juice. You can mix and match and try a lot of new flavors you never heard of or even thought of. It can maybe open your mind to something new and exciting?

More Interesting

You have to remember, there are lots of e-juices available today and that is great because it is going to make things a little more interesting. Let’s say you were not a big fan of traditional flavors such as the nicotine flavor, you could look at adding strawberry to make your smoking sessions more interesting. What is more, it’s a better way to help reduce your overall nicotine intake. E-juice flavors don’t have to be the same they can be far more interesting.

Be Bold

While it’s comforting to stick to the same routine, it can get to a point where you are fed up and just bored! Why be bored? With e-juices there are lots of new flavors to try and you can love them all. There are lots of subtle flavors as well as some experimental kinds. Even if you are trying to give-up smoking, you might find using different e-juices to be useful. Enjoy using the best e-juice flavors.

Check out with for more informations.

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The Top Vape Pen Starter Kit

A vape pen is a type of e-cigarette that is used to inhale heated vape juice which allows the user to exhale vapor.  It is called a vape pen because it is cylindrical in shape is similar to a pen.  A vape pen does not necessarily look like a real pen, but it does feature the same tubular design, with some being the same standard size as a pen and others being as large as a cigar and more modern vape pens boast more girth. The first form of a vape pen was introduced at the birth of the vaping industry.  Though the earlier versions were created to mimic the appearance of a traditional cigarette and later versions that offered a larger cigar size to them were being introduced around the year 2010, yet still to this day vape pens are one of the top-selling types of vapor products and as the industry continues to progress, the design, performance, and technology continues to follow. The following are some of top vape pen starter kits:

Rebel 3 Starter Kit

The Rebel 3 covers two aspects with, five stars battery life and a huge tank. This is one of the simplest two-piece vape mods to date and with its one button functionality; it can be mastered by any type of vaper. This beginner kit has everything required to get going. With a huge 5.7 ml tank, massive 3000 mAh internal battery and charging lead, with pass through capability, along with a wall adapter. The permanent battery is charged through the USB lead. The button for firing is big, which is a massive benefit for people who vape while driving. It is sufficiently big so that users can fire it using their palms, rather than their fingers or thumbs and a small detail, but an important one nonetheless. More details here.

Vape Pen 22 Starter Kit

The Vape pen 22 has multiple safety features such as an 8 seconds cut-off, low resistance protection, short circuit protection and low voltage protection. Has a top filling tank system just like all the hottest tanks on the market and it does it on the cheap. In the box: 1x vape pen 22, 2x 0.3ohm dual coil, 1x USB charging cable and 1x user manual. It bring simplicity and low cost to vaping, with slim 22mm diameter, the vape 22 is sure to be small enough for ease of use and keep out of the way of other things. The vape 22 has a 1650 mAH battery to insure your vaping experience last all day and when you need it the most. Everything on the vape 22 can be disassembled for cleaning and maintenance.

Vicino D30 Starter Kit

Vicino D30 is the updated version of Vicino, having 30mm diameter, 6ml e-liquid capacity, and 3000mAh battery capacity. Through the unique design of bottom ring, you can adjust the wattage or shift between VW and bypass mode easily. Innovative yet powerful, the Vicino d30 applies dual circuit protection which makes the device much reliable. When working with the equipped high-power atomizer head, you can get unexpected large vapor and great flavor.

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Box Mods on Electronic Cigarette Industry

A box mod is a type of vaporizer that is used to customize electronic cigarette to one user desire or preference. It can also be said as an advanced method of vaping. Vaping is an act that occurs when a person uses electronic cigarette that produce the vapor which is inhaled. Box mods have a computerized chip that regulates the flow of electric current that goes in and out which, in turn, assist to regularize the temperature which in the long run normalizes the vapor inhaling. There are several types of box mods according to the user’s choice. These box mods vary in terms of size, prices, watts, and category and they serve either beginner or advanced and the functions it performs. Some of the functions or advantages of box mods are:

Voltage Output and Input

It enables the achievement of the most wanted vapor that a smoker wants. Every smoker wants to be satisfied and served with the desired satisfactions and to achieve that box mode is an ideal type to use. It is important mostly for beginners and those who want to quit smoking because the amount of inhalation is regulated to avoid causing harm to the user.

Controls Temperature That Is Inhaled

When smokers use these box mods they are assured of having the right heat which is regulated by these devices. The temperature control is important to users because they only inhale the right vapor which protects their health. What makes the box mods important is that they give the user options to heat whatever substance which is inhaled at the safest temperatures, which, in the long run, help to protect the user from being harmed from excess heat the is emitted by what is inhaled.

Have Several Functions and Capabilities

Most box mods have a variety of vaporizers that enable one to choose the desired type of vapor one wants to inhale. A person is given options to choose which type of vapor or which mixture of vapor is best suited for them.

The Size of Box Mod

There are different sizes of box mods depending on the preference of the user. There are small and big box mods. The bigger the size of a box mod the bigger the watts of a box mode. The size can be advantageous mostly to those who don’t want to be noticed because there are those box modes that can fit in the palm of a hand.

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Best Vape Mods 2017

The Vape Mod is a vaporizer pen that originated from a lack of functionality and battery power in the earlier vaporizer pens. They were underpowered and offered subpar battery life and vape volume. Some creative individuals started tinkering with objects lying around the house, like flashlights and other electronics and combine these common household items with the vaporizer pens and created soaped-up Advanced Personal Vaporizers (APVs) that had extra battery power and more functionality. This trend caught on with the vaping communities and the manufacturers saw the market potential and began producing professional versions of the modded vape pens. These became known as vape mods, mechanical mods or mostly by the term mod or APV. Today, the mods are much better than the earlier crafty garage devices, as are the eGo style vape pens and other vape pens much better today due to the advances in vaping and lithium battery technology. The following are some of best vape mods 2017.

Mechanical Mods

Mechanical mods are simple vaping devices that use a button or switch to complete an electrical circuit and deliver power from a battery to an attached atomizer. Many mechanical mods are simple metal cylinders with a contact button on bottom, a battery inside the cylinder, and a top cap that holds an atomizer in place. With mechanical mods, the electrical path from the battery to the atomizer is uninterrupted by electronics and so the battery’s full output is delivered to the atomizer the moment the button is pressed. For this reason, mechanical mods should never be used by inexperienced vapers.

Variable Wattage Mod

A variable wattage (vw) device is any battery-powered vaping device with user-defined adjustability of its output, either by volts, or watts, or both, with wide variety of atomizer resistances now available to vapers, vw devices have become common place by contrast, many older ego-style and ciga-like vaping devices are not vw devices and pressing the firing button on them provides users with the same power output until the battery is depleted.

Box Mods

Box mods are powerful personal vaping devices. Box mods generally have four components: A battery bay, a digital DC-DC converter (chip), control buttons, and an atomizer connector. Most box mods use one or two removable batteries for power and these batteries are often 18650 size. A box mod’s chip regulates the power applied from the battery to the atomizer. Using the control buttons, users can modify how the chip performs. The atomizer connector allows users to connect different types of atomizers to the device. Most box mods have electrical safety features such as short circuit protection and reverse polarity protection.

Mod Batteries

Mod batteries are rechargeable, high power lithium-ion cells with a positive and a negative terminal; they provide power for box mods and mechanical mods. There are several different sizes of mod batteries available but the most common by far is the 18650 size, which offers excellent power output and longevity in a compact, lightweight form factor. There are several metrics for measuring the capacity and power output of mod batteries and it is worthwhile to do research before choosing one battery over another.

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