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Month: August 2018

Pod Systems: A New Way to Vape

 Pod vape is evolving. For quite a while, e-cigarettes simply continued getting greater and greater. We went from cigalikes to vape pens, from vape pens to tube mods, from tube mods to box mods, and from that point forward the case mods have been pressing an ever-increasing number of batteries into their bodies.

Be that as it may, pod mod systems turn this all on its head.

What Are pod mod Systems?

As the name recommends, pod systems are e-cigarettes that make utilization of a “pod” rather than a conventional tank or atomizer. They regularly have a littler limit than most tanks, at somewhere in the range of 1 and 2 ml, albeit a few pods are greater.

Whatever remains of the gadget is like some other e-cigarette. The batteries are genuinely little in contrast with mods, typically having limits of around 300 mAh, however, they can be greater than this now and again. 650 mAh) yet more than numerous cigalikes (which tend to be around 200 mAh).

Open versus closed pod mods

The pod mod themselves that give the gadgets their name can either be “open” or “shut.” A shut pod works like a cartomizer for a cigalike gadget. An “open” pod is refillable, like a standard tank, so you can put whatever e-fluid in it you like.

Would it be a good idea for you to Use Nicotine Salt E-Liquids in pod mod Systems?

The JUUL made a check due to its one of a kind outlines, yet the high-quality e-fluid it utilizes raised a couple of eyebrows as well.

So, by what method can the nicotine levels get so high? Doesn’t that make the JUUL and other comparable gadgets extremely cruel to vape?

The appropriate response lies in the nicotine salts utilized, and what they’re joined with to deliver a utilitarian e-fluid.

By adding an acidic component to the blend, nicotine salt e-fluids both shield the pH of the juice from getting too high and enable the nicotine to be changed over to freebase frame when you vape.

Since pod systems create less vapor and are by and large less hard-hitting than mods, nicotine salts and pod systems are appropriate to each other.

Advantages of pod mod Systems

So, for what reason may you need to attempt a pod framework e-cigarette? What are the advantages of pod systems in contrast with customary sorts of vaping gadget? These are a couple of the most essential focuses:

  • Pod systems are significantly smaller than most present-day vaping gadgets, which settle on them an extraordinary decision in case you will be vaping out of the house a ton.
  • Easy to utilize. The “pod” outline makes pod framework e-cigarettes extremely simple to utilize.
  • The cost of pod framework e-cigarettes varies, however all in all they’re truly moderate.
  • In spite of their size being more in accordance with cigalikes, pod systems are for the most part considerably more fulfilling to vape.
  • Mists aren’t for everyone and they aren’t for each circumstance.

Is pod mod Systems Right for You?

The unavoidable issue is whether pod systems are the correct decision for you. What pod framework vapes are and how they function, and in addition a few upsides and downsides, so you ought to have a smart thought of whether they may suit you at this point.

Last Take

They wouldn’t obscure the prevalence of box mods; however, pod systems fill a specialty that numerous vapers and smokers have been sitting tight to be filled for quite a while.  Where would you be able to purchase pod mod systems? On E-Cigarette Direct obviously!

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