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Month: November 2017

A list of top pod mods and pod vapes

The various laws around the world are well appreciated, this is an uncertain moment for enthusiastic vaping devices. Several manufacturers have responded to the pod mods – all in an e-cigarette that attempts to combine ease of use of a cig-alike and lasting experiences.

To find the right pod-mod for you, this article will aim at giving you a list of the best pod-mod

V2 Vertx

One of the most well-known brands on the market, in the cig-alike market, this is one of the most powerful models V2 Vertx. This AIO Vape is available in two versions; Vertx Plus has a touch screen that allows users to adjust the force while the vanilla version operates at aconstant voltage. Both models have 420 mAh batteries and use cartridges with a thickness of 650 puffs (not a scientific measure). Both Vertx models can be used with blank pods to allow users to use their e-liquids of their choice. The pods are refillable up to 20 times.

Apollo Brez

Apollo Brez (pronounced “breeze”) is a pod-mod that was created by the old American vaping companies. In addition to the title “Straight Outta Snapchat!”, Apollo Brez offers a 320 mAh battery and a Micro-USB charge. This AIO Vape is a partially closed system with a 1.5 ml cartridge filled with the chosen e-liquid, and also the most popular herbs Apollo pre-filled cartridges.

Cync of Vape Forward

Cync is a range of pod-mod product owned by Vape Forward, known for Vapor Flask line of box mods. In addition to the standard starter kit, the company offers three standard battery and microphone. The first two cig-alike products and while it laterlook like a shrunken box mod. Cync AIO vaping uses electronic fluids filled with 1.5 and 2.5-milliliter pods of many popular companies.

Myvapors Myjet by Wismec

Myjapory Myjet is a sub-mod that attracts enthusiastic vapers while retaining the same uses for newcomers. The fully charged charger (PCC) works with the 18,650 battery that is most enthusiast vapers. Myjet uses 1.2-milliliter e-liquid cartridges, but can also be empty containers that allow vapers to use the selected combination of e-Liquids.

Von Erl My.

Von erl my is a rectangular Austrian pod-mod. Extraneous punctuation aside, this is a simple and easy to use AIO design. The company offers four flavors available at three levels of nicotine. The battery capacity is 350 mAh.

In the pod-mod field, the Juul was an early entrant, hit the market before most vapers began to panic with the FDA and the TPD. It is a small rectangular device that uses 0.7 ml of a five percent nicotine weight. Also, they have a high nicotine content; the company claims that Juul, which uses a nicotine-free nicotine base, helps to provide a satisfying herb.


In most cases, the pod-mod vaping devices are more ornate versions of cigarette devices. These AIO wheels are equipped with a battery and a cartridge. Remove the cartridge onto a battery, and then you are set. These devices have different functions, different partners of electronic fluids and various factors that help to distinguish them.


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